Ring Maintenance

Ring Maintenance
Proper care of your jewelry is essential.  You want your jewelry to look as beautiful as the day you purchased it.  These simple steps can help keep your jewelry in great condition so you can enjoy it in the years to come.


  • Do have your jewelry inspected every three months.  Ari Diamonds offers this service free of charge.  Jewelry is like a car, it requires maintenance and upkeep.  Many major repairs can be avoided with proper care.
  • Do have your jewelry professionally cleaned.  This should be done at least every six months.  We are happy to do this for you at any time, free of charge.
  • Do consider insuring your ring.  This can be done under your home-owners insurance, renters insurance, or with a separate policy.  If you ring was purchased from us we would by happy to furnish you with an appraisal for your insurance company.


  • Don’t wear your jewelry while exercising.  Not only can you injure yourself, but the pressure from weights could break, warp, or otherwise damage your jewelry.  This also includes swimming.  The chlorine will wear away your gold and rhodium finish.
  • Don’t wear your jewelry to bed, especially rings.  This causes unnecessary wear on your prongs and channels holding in your diamonds.  The sheets of your bed wear away the gold.  You can also catch or snag your jewelry while sleeping.
  • Don’t use household or industrial cleaners while wearing your jewelry.  The harsh chemicals could weaken the pit of the metal, causing erosion and wearing off your rhodium.
  • Don’t be overzealous in polishing and rhodium plating your ring.  In order to rhodium plate a ring it must first be polished.  Polishing your ring will wear away your gold.  We recommend rhodium plating every anniversary.
  • We suggest that you minimize all contact with other chemicals, like hairspray and lotion.  Diamonds attract grease and dirt.  Lotions and hairsprays stick to your diamonds and diminish their brilliance.