We Search the World for High-Quality Diamonds

Some of the most exciting styles and expertly crafted jewelry are imported from India, Italy, Hong Kong, and Thailand. We travel the world to bring these outstanding pieces directly to you in our showrooms. Because of our ongoing search for the latest designs and best values, you will find top collections all in one convenient place.

Diamond Placed on the Stone

A Few Things to Consider When Purchasing a Diamond

Diamond Grading Reports from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are the gold standard when purchasing a diamond. Many other gem labs are “soft” and over-grade stones.

Although a grading report gives plenty of information on a diamond, it does not tell the whole story. The most important feature that brings out luster and brilliance in a diamond is proportion. This is especially true when it comes to a fancy-cut diamond.

Most websites have a virtual diamond inventory (including ours). India and Israel have 75% or more of the diamonds listed online. Because we have offices in Mumbai and Ramat Gan, an Ari Diamonds representative will be your eyes to ensure the diamond meets your criteria.